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Flight Inspired

Music Festival's 1st House of Fashion.
Celebrating 10+ Years of Design!

Founded in 2010 by Designer "Flight" who is an avid designer of clothing and art.
Created from the essence of exploring the unknown.

Inspired while taking flights to events, creating a House of Fashion for Music Festivals.
Now we ship to thousands of customers in countries all over the world!

Message from our Founder:

"Who would've known the music festival community would influence my life and path so much... I remember like it was yesterday going down a dusty road, walking campsite to campsite, all the fires, smoke and ashes taking days to get the wood smell out of yourself.

The ceremonies, rituals, drum circles, fire dancers, hoopers, and those that I never even got a name but had a great laugh with. All the moments no words could explain. The hearts and souls that pour themselves into their music and art to help co-create these events.

Those thoughtful sunrise goodbyes and you know it, being so anxious until the next year to do it all again. Along the way, so many have influenced me. THANK YOU ALL for this!

If you ever need anything at all, feel free to e-mail me directly at Flight@FlightInspired.com

To find out more about our Charity "The Flight Inspired Fund" click here.