Charity Donations

The Flight Inspired Fund - We plant a tree for every product! Updated yearly.
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19,260+ Trees Worldwide!

Charities The Flight Inspired Fund has donated to:
Donating to charities and community interests that empower our world.

Trees For The Future - $1408.21
*Planting a forest of over 19,260+ trees across 16 countries helping alleviate deforestation and damage to agriculture.
The Rex Foundation - $500
*Organization of the Grateful Dead family which gives grants to worthwhile causes.
Conscious Alliance - $500
*Nonprofit committed to supporting communities in crisis through hunger relief and youth empowerment.
Furthur Down The Road Foundation - $250
*Donated to help restore the Furthur bus.
Furthur Bus 50th Anniversary "Trip" - $250
*Furthur Bus "trip" across the USA to relive, revive and film the spark that birthed the 60's.
American Red Cross - $220
*Donated to help Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.
HeadCount.Org - $167
*For educating and empowering our voting rights.


Owsley Stanley Foundation - $143
*For continuing Owsley's legacy and Sonic Journals.
String Cheese - $105 (3 Months of Bandwidth)
*SCI Radio is a free service streaming string cheese & friends 24/7!
Seva Foundation - $100
*Delivery of vital eye care to the worlds most vulnerable including, women, children and indigenous people.
Grace & Joy Scholarship Fund - Camp Winnarainbow (Wavy Gravy) - $100
*Help a disadvantaged child go to Camp Winnarainbow.
Locks Of Love - $50
*Donation of 11 inches of hair and $50 for wig making costs.
A New Chair For Genna - $50
*Donation to help replace a custom wheelchair stolen after String Cheese Incident on New Years.
If you have a charitable cause or idea please contact us!